Thursday, 14 May 2015

Coup d'État

by John Cropsey

Dear Family and Friends,

We want to give you a brief update from Burundi.  Yesterday, May 13th, from the best we can understand, a coalition of generals committed a “coup d’état” while the president was attending an East African heads of state meeting in Tanzania concerning the current political crisis in Burundi.  The generals have closed all borders and the international airport, partly in an attempt to keep the president from returning to the country.  The president is stating the “coup” has failed.  It is unclear who holds what amount of power at this time.  

In Bujumbura, there was much celebration where the heart of the opposition to the president is mainly based.  In our area, reactions were reserved and all remains calm for the moment, but the president has much broader support “up-country” where we are.  The coming days will tell us much about where this country is headed.  A counter-coup attempt could ignite broader violence.

So, we ask for your prayers:
  • May peace and justice reign in this place so long ravaged by war and injustice.
  • May the church lead by example, loving even their “enemies” in times of tension and fear.
  • May leaders respond wisely to the quickly changing situation.
  • May God give us, our national partners and our mission wisdom in making decisions about our team.
We will keep you updated as more information becomes available.  At this point, we are not getting much more information than what is already available on international news.  

Thanks for your prayers for us and the people of Burundi. 
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